“Florentine Plaster”

The incredible Florentine plaster is an easy, yet gorgeous faux finish technique. Still, after about twenty years, one of the best sellers. FP looks like a multi layer technique, but is not. Production is fast, easy and can not be compared to other textured techniques, due to inexpensive application. Contemporary, modern or electic, take your pick, Florentine Plaster will always be the "talk of the party"


An exquisite crocodile leather look alike faux finish. Designed and created for a famous baseball player. The king size bed, custom made to highlight this faux wall finish. Mediums used: Water Putty, Olive oil, gift-wrap etc.


(`granjər,`granˌdyo͝or/) noun: splendor and impressiveness, especially of appearance or style. The dictionary says it all. This grandiose faux finish was created with MM metallic plaster, gold powder and assorted MM metallics.

“There's No Crying in Baseball”

An extremely fast and effective wall glazing finish resembling a baseball. Created with paint only.


I found this beautiful faux finish in Florence, Italy in the Orsini Palace.

Welcome to My Home

Hello and Welcome!! My name is Heidi and one of my passion is faux painting. However, there are otherpasions and I live them daily. Take your pick. Interior design, decorating on the shabby side, gardening, herbs, fashion, culture and and last but not least "Style". In my world, the day should have 48 hours and more.

I am here to share some of my adventures with you, because I love to share and teach. I hope that you come by often and stay a while. Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Painting Upholstered Furniture


Wow, I am embarrassed and guilty. BUT, I just did not have time or energy, to enlighten you with my thoughts, work and ideas. I was several times in Germany last year, and going again this year. My health was dilapidated, doing much better now. I was in Dallas, teaching …

I missed you all


….and I am feeling the ever so painful “Guilt”.I don’t even know how to start this post. For days, I have been thinking about a “catchy” headline (according to the wisdom of many professional bloggers, a catchy headline is an absolute “MUST”). I am wondering if I have I succeeded …